Anabel Lee
Q: You're not hot. You are a fucking bamboo stick

are we looking at the same photos?

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Q: Your display photo is probably not even you. How pathetic!

Lol no its not like most peoples aren’t, dude is that all you can come up with 

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Q: lol why would someone be offended by nudity like have they never been naked do they not have a body

iknow & I don’t get why people send stuff like that, like just unfollow

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Q: Big e.a. poe fan?

i hate poetry, it makes me throw up uncontrollably 

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Q: all of your pictures are so artsy i love looking at them, and you're cute as hell :)

awh meow meow, why thank you cutie <3 x

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Q: i don't get why you post such inappropriate photos of yourself? it doesn't come off as art, if that's your aim. it's very degrading to yourself, and does no good for other people either. sorry you have to post those to feel good about yourself

i don’t call them ‘art’ other people do, why are you so offended by the female anatomy? impost them because i get bored and because I’m hot 

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